Reviews for "Beat up Backstreet Boys!"

Good but dumb

this author just didnt want to have a bad rating so he created something that everone would want to do and instead made it played out and with horrible graphics of them dying. Nice try.


I can't believe I used to like these guys! I'm glad I've been able to kill them here on Newgrounds all these years. The flash is sucky, but who cares?! This game rocks!

Why are you resubmitting everything again?

It was fun for old times sake. (Not that challenging, I just like to beat up the Backstreet Boys) But, I'm really just curious as to why this stuff is being resubmitted, and why don't you update them, or show us something new on them?


Well, it's funny for the first few seconds then it goes downhill in my opinion. Said in other reviews, its been done before. Its nothing new, moderately voilent and no variety. Don't I get a choice of weapon at least? Well, maybe I just expected too much.

i remember this!!

this is old skool. back then, this stuff was primo shit. ^_^