Reviews for "Beat up Backstreet Boys!"

You should expand this a little

Meh, looked kinda cool, but this is not something that I would wanna play twice. Actually it's something that you'll play for about 30 seconds and then you never play it again. Ow well, it was pretty cool anyways.

You could add some extra things to make it a bit more interesting. You could add some Backstreet Boys backgroundmusic for example, this needed some music. You could also add some kind of menu-screen for every backstreet boy. In that menu, you can choose if you want to use a shotgun on him, use a flamethrower on him, blow him up, punch him, kick him, stab him etc. That'll make the game a lot cooler. Also, it would be nice if you added N'Sync and 98 degrees as well and maybe even more famous people like Bush etc. That'll make the game even more fun.

Anyway, overall I'd give this 6 out of 10. Like I already said, lot of fun to play it once, but twice is a little boring. You should expand it a little with more options etc. Well good luck with any future projects I'd say.


Still seems like a copy to me...

I dont care what the backstreet boys said about them starting anything, its been done :P Just seems like an old thing to me bit late for another one of these, sorry :(


When I first saw this, I was like, "Who would bother to submit something that's just a copy of something Tom Fulp did?! And how did it make it through the portal? And why is anyone even still thinking about the Backstreet Boys?".

But then I was like, "Oh".


It was good. not great, but good. It did feel nice to kick the backstreet boys's ass though

I HATE Backstreet boys. Done for so long.

Ive played this game a lot of times before. And now i will do it again!!! DIE DIE!!! Good game by the way MR.Fulp. Thanks for making NG.