Reviews for "Beat up Backstreet Boys!"

still funny

oh my gosh, beating up these punks is as fun as ever, especially with thier jovial banter, like "Let's have a jam session!" Oh wow.


I'm a bit disapointed...

I have to say

Its really funny how people suck up to you scince u created ng , i mean you havent even gotten one 0. This reminded me of your other games you made and I Thought the Photoshop faces you made were funny.


omg, that was the most annoying catchphrase of them all :P

Anyways, super simple stuff as usual for the era. Violent too.

Funniest part is...

...nobody seems to realize that Tom Fulp created Newgrounds.

Do the people reviewing this not read the author comments? Do they see the name? I don't think Tom needs any advice, looking at Alien Hominid and the fact that, oh say, he created the freaking site you're looking at. D;

...that said, this is a very silleh game.