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Reviews for "Bunnykill 3 Vol.1"

Im jealous at you ...

Read the title. And youll know what I mean

I need not say it trice...

I was going to explain the roles again, but I couldn't seeing as they are already in the menu. This one was more like a movie then the other two, but still had it's good sides. But what I do not get is why Smoike would help Snowball. And, how is he still alive!? Or is this a loosely based, regenerated story. Anyway, THIS KICKS ASS!!! MAKE MORE! PLEASE PLEASE FUCKING PLEASE! YOU ARE GOD!!! (Next to me, that is.)

Mottis responds:

Read the authors comments. that should answer your question about Smoke.

Great job!

great great great great! the style was as good as ever and the graphics were pretty top notch. but one thing lightsabres dont leave blood they seal up the veins cause they are energy.


HOW DARE YOU MAKE IT TO BE CONTINUED!!! its soo good if it had a little hole on the side to have sex with id marry it please hurry and make the next one

p.s loved the death counter and laser swords


omg im lost for words this is absolute genious . wow wow wow i cant wait for the next volume!