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Reviews for "Bunnykill 3 Vol.1"


another front pager for -Juuso-........=P

Keep it up dude, sick serise; cant wait fro installment 2!!!



This is the kind of mindless action that really gets to me... wow, it was graphic, a lot, but it had a certain grace to it... and the sound fitted perfectly... without words, you are able to tell a story (quite simple, but a story, nontheless); just awesome!

i love bunnykill

its very cool series this was great its more futuristic sci-fi ish like the light sabers ^_^ nice one dude!!

btw i liked the charecters/weapons file nice touch

Completely amazing flash.

Great work, reminds me alot of Madness but you made it different and the lightsabers were an awesome touch. Just all around amazing work.

Good ol fassioned violence

Your series has been satisfying my need for violence & gore. Hurry up with the next one! :D So what gave ya the original idea to start this series? *Note: if youve already answered this in one of yer previous Bunny Kills, then forget what ive asked and move on O.o;