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Reviews for "Bunnykill 3 Vol.1"


perfect man! though kinda similar to the madness combat series, it's really fun to watch.
and yes, you may have heard that a couple of times, but make a game 'bout it. or ask the guy who made the madness combat game to just change the setting, the protagonists and enemys and the weapons to bunnykill. no arcade mode needed, just the experiment stuff.

but the best thing about it is that you used 2 songs of THE ├╝berband par excellence, K M F D M!! 'witness' from 'adios' would have fit in as well (if you didn't follow the text)

an overall 10 but felt 20 for you mate


Ive never seen a rabbit this awsm! Woah! He was so cute at the same time i had to laugh. I wont spoil but if youve seen the first of snowball series then youll see a famialiar character that wouldnt expect. That was beyond cool! Dude you better make more or i stab you!

Greatness of bunnies

That movie is the best i have seen all day. Its going to become one of my favs!


Holy Shit! I love this! It's so cool to see rabbits brutally bataling one another! Hope to see lots more from you!

Awesome film.Why isn't this on frontpage everyday?

Great film, can't wait until the next episode comes out.

A bunnykill game would be brilliant. I hope there will be a dual lightsabers you can have or guns.

Why don't you make a colaibration with "madness"? That would be very intresting to watch and possible be the best movie.

Keep up the good work. This is must be a classic film on newgrounds.