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Reviews for "Bunnykill 3 Vol.1"

mind blowing again!

They just keep getting better, Juuso. The new plot, enemies, and setting were all excellent masterpieces. The Lightsaber effect was cool, too. This is, in my opinion along with other's, was the best Bunnykill Cartoon of all. I hope Vol. 2 comes out soon!

p.s. i noticed that when i reviewed BK1, i said the lyrics to the song were in German. I now realize they are in Finnish. Sorry bout dat...

Excellent work.


Fuckin Awesome!

That was so good! At the end when the robt blew through the door and it targeted the rabbit I was all thinking What's gonna happen?!?! and then it said to be continued and I was all like AWWWWWWWWW

Good work once again!

You copy starwars! sue sue sue!!!! lol Anyways there was some hilarious parts in there that stood out to me and hopefully everyone else because they were hilarious!!!!


Yay, it's just good yay.

A lot like 'Madness!'

made into cuteness. Still with violence. It was awesome! make more methods of killing!!!