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Reviews for "Completely Random 3"


rather decent, but it feels like its mssing something....


Hamslice responds:

its missing nothing

Not the work of a genius... or IS it?

Eitherway, I'd love to see this as my screensaver. xD

Hamslice responds:

if only if only...^_^

Nice song...

Well, I have to admit that I didn't think this was going to be any good... But I was wrong. This was really a decent random flash. Deep, interesting, well-compiled, well-thought-out... I liked it and the techno song you picked out, nice touch. Not perfect in any aspect, but great job all of you!

Hamslice responds:

thanks, it was soooo deep and thought out it blows your MIND


you should really try to get a job for comercials i have adhd but that totally held my attention

Hamslice responds:

oh man, comercials would be awesome have you ever, *randomness* buy (insert drug) here

Random, yet not mindless

I appreciated it on one level or another. Nothing special but fun to watch.

Something longer, better looking, and a little more mind bending would be awesome. The lines drawing different things was my favorite.

Hamslice responds:

thanx for leaving a review