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Reviews for "Completely Random 3"


It was ok. Nothing too special. The music was really good though and as you said it was random. Not bad, not bad at all.

Hamslice responds:

the music is good, and it was random..but a 3? aawww....-_-


I wasn't sure what to rate the graphics and style because I couldn't tell what was going on half the time, I was to busy having seizures. very nicely done, it had good music and all the animation was smooth through out the whole movie.

Hamslice responds:

hey, there were only like 2 parts where you may have gotten a seizure, not half the time O_o


i cant believe it completely awesome
how do you do it?

Hamslice responds:

i do it by animatoring

awesomely good

it ws completely random, yet the music made it so friggin awesome. noice work.

Hamslice responds:

the music is teh best evah


Hehe i actually found this cool :D.Pretty good music too :P

Randomness owns.

Hamslice responds:

NO WAY! you made the song o course its good