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Reviews for "Completely Random 3"


That was really well done, I must say! You three guys have potential! I especially liked how you mixed simple flash styles with more advanced flash styles to make one kick-ass compiliation (warning: for those looking for toliet humour/stupid emo stories, this is NOT for you). A pat on the shoulders for you three!

Hamslice responds:

woot woot!!! thanx for the support, we work hard ^_^ (dont tell the others but im bettar than they)


I wasn't sure what to rate the graphics and style because I couldn't tell what was going on half the time, I was to busy having seizures. very nicely done, it had good music and all the animation was smooth through out the whole movie.

Hamslice responds:

hey, there were only like 2 parts where you may have gotten a seizure, not half the time O_o

Uber Nice

I appreciate this kinda of work. Really nice and flowish. It also has one thing other "madness" rave flashes don't have....COLOR!!!

Hamslice responds:

i love color ^_^ thats why i was sad when 2 of the animators did black and white

I'm confused...

But in a good way! lol. Random.. that bout sez it hehe

Hamslice responds:

yes, it says it all ^_^


This movie clearly shows that there is future for those tons of random movies other than blam. Really nice concept (if there was any XD). Graphics were OK and the sound got a little boring after a while. But it's good. Some randomness don't hurt once in a while.
- Kael Sorrow

Hamslice responds:

randomness makes the world go round <(^_^)>