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Reviews for "Completely Random 3"


nicely done, do you ever think about doing a more actuall animating and less fbf but still the whole random thing? it just seems a bit to much paint brush-ish

Hamslice responds:

but fbf is animatoring, i could always use pencil tool but i suck at that -_-


That was really well done, I must say! You three guys have potential! I especially liked how you mixed simple flash styles with more advanced flash styles to make one kick-ass compiliation (warning: for those looking for toliet humour/stupid emo stories, this is NOT for you). A pat on the shoulders for you three!

Hamslice responds:

woot woot!!! thanx for the support, we work hard ^_^ (dont tell the others but im bettar than they)



Hamslice responds:

ya, you suck too


i liked the the part from the first artist, but when the ketchup part began, it became a little boring, the synchronisation with the music was well done

Hamslice responds:

thanx for leaving a review

In matters of random...

you succeeded. That.. was the most random thing I've seen on the portal.. well.. today.. which I guess doesn't say much.. but it was still really random!

Although I didn't really like the music.. it was a nice change to see it actually blend with the animation somewhat.
Black Mage rules..

Hamslice responds:

black mage aka vivi does rule

this was the randomest thing on the portal for at least the past 2 weeks

and i like the music so good