Reviews for "F-16 Steel Fighter Zero"

Here we go again

This is another flash thing that gets a high score on newgrounds basically because peopel see it and go, oh nice graphics, FIVE! But seriously this game is boring as all shit. You fly along, u shoot the same thing 80 times with no variation and then that boss... god damn, it flys from side to side and after u shoot it, u are suprised to find it exploded and then without any form of cutscene or anything telling you, you have conquered this mountain of shit u go straight back to the menu. If this had any variation in it at all it might be half decent, but dude, u put me to sleep


There should be more weapons like missiles? Also maybe it would be good if we could move around more, like barrel rolls and being able to kind of move away from the screen. Like make it so we can go in different directions but the jets will always be ahead or something. Anyway, cool game.

Bit too simple

The game play, or what there is of it, is well executed. However, there is not enough to keep the player entertained. Create some different challenges.
Also, I will reiterate has been said in previous reviews. The explosions are way too much; as soon as the player kills a plane too close, or gets hit by an enemy, they are left flying blind - which just isn't fun.
On the plus side, it looks nice - and what has been made plays solidly.

A Black Hole of Boring!

Well, that's exactly what I pegged this movie to be. This may be one of the few Ace Combat clones out there, but let me tell you. I never liked Ace Combat, nor will I ever like this. Like the Alexander movie, this was just plain lull-me-to-sleep dull as watching paint peel.

Exciting possibilities

This was fun for a minute or two, but started to get old fast. Nostalgia alone was strong enough to keep me playing past the initial blast however. Suggestions to keep it fun:

1. Add some transparency to the explosions. It is difficult to see incoming planes past them, this may be intentional, but as long as they last, it messes up the playability a bit.
2. Since this is an Afterburner/Top Gun style game, why not go ahead and steal a bit of the music from those? The main theme from Afterburner would rock on this!
3. Add some different weapons, enemy planes, etc. Variety would help greatly, as it becomes monotanous quickly as is.