Reviews for "F-16 Steel Fighter Zero"

Nintendo Top Gun RULLLED

That just brings back a lot of memories.. niiice

Kinda neat

Yeah it need a little something else, Like maybe missles, and some bosses? level expansion? all in all it was a cool game... I hope to see more from you in the futre

good for a start

its a good start for a game but needs fleshed out. missiles enemies that shoot back, a purpose for being able to steer the plane, objectives levels, these would all add greatly to the game. good for a few minutes of fun, but not much afterwards.

that kicked fuckin ass!!!

dude, this is the fuckin shit! i love it! there arent that many great "Top Gun-like" games on NG, but this is. perfect control and aim, all that is needed is a little love from the people at NG. great game, very entaining and now has a spot on my favorites list!


the graphics were great and the game play was pritty good at first it was a bit awarkward to move and shoot but got the hang of it quick more options would b good and have a better fighting thing