Reviews for "F-16 Steel Fighter Zero"

Addicting but a little difficult

This is a great game, it is pretty addicting and it gets hard almost immediately! I agree with ilovemetal though, missiles would've helped greatly, y'know, to say if you started out with 5 autokill missiles and you got them by killing enemies with your mahine guns. That would make it a bit easier and alot funner. Overall it was pretty neat.

Pretty good

well i like it quite a bit although you didnt add missiles or something..and only mg's and the mg sound was horible..maybe you could do another one like this except improved?


ok...well... this game had some pretty dumbass AI, the gameplay was a bit boring, the graphics werent bad, but it had no storyline.

you'd think they'd be smart enough to turn...

pretty good game here. spectacular graphics, new spins on an old subject... or not. the gameplay is okay, somehow i doubt F-16s would be driven by kamikaze pilots. the gun is kind of annoying too. despite all that, it's not bad. 3/5, and go have a cookie

Nice !!!

Yeah ! This game rocks !

I like the style of this game. The illusion is perfect.
The clouds are looking very beautiful.
I´m feeling more like a real fighter pilot than in any other game.

Great job dude !