Reviews for "F-16 Steel Fighter Zero"

nice game...

that was a good game i really like the camera angles they were done well but u have some bugs in this game i recommened fixing them there annoying but otherwise good game

good one

well, this game isn't too much like after burner, but it was still a very fun game, i liked this one.

nothing like after burner

it was really not that good of a game, it lagged, controls sucked, and it didnt make lot of sence...

this game woul be wasome if you
inverted the controls(down=up, up=down)
got rid of the health amd made it lives
didnt have plans fly into you, rather them shoot stuff at you
make a reason for turning left an right...ya know, like to get out of the way of things,
add missles
take out all the pics and draw them your self
add music

now i have to ask, since you said its like after burner....have you ever played after burner? becuse the only thing your game and sega's game had in commen was aircrafts, thats it

Good for what is there

Very good game, but as others have suggested, it would be much better with missiles, different enemies.

some complain of lack of variation, but look at many games, eg platform games, and they are as repetitive. A problem is a lack of plot.

As i said earlier, good for what is there


i agree with el_sammo