Reviews for "F-16 Steel Fighter Zero"


The game was WAY too repetitive. Good sounds and such, but should have had some sort of hype music. The only difficulty modier was the black smoke and I think thats a cheap way of doing things. All in all, I believe this game would benifit best from adding missles, console damage, music, and new enemies.

Levels as well.

Nothing new.

Graphics were quite good, but the sound of the machinegun (or some gun) is totally lame, that don't sound a gun at all.

Keep up the good work and make even better games.

not bad

that wasn't bad at all, though stages, limit to your ammo or a time limit would make it better!

the sound seemed a little glitchy in places, but the sprites were pretty good, you should try to improve on it!

Damn Fine Game

This is a fairly well put together game. I would have liked to see a bit more depth, maybe some added weapons or some more HUD information. But this game has the fundamentals down pretty well.

A few suggestions though...
-Make the smoke alpha'd out a bit so you can see through it
-Maybe add missles or something?
-Instructions! (Maybe I'm missing a whole bunch?)

pretty nice

pretty nice