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Reviews for "The Crappy PSP Spoof XD"


That was funny. I am a Nintendo fan, because they simply make great games. Some time ago I thought Mario Kart was just some silly racing game with Mario. That turned out to be mostly true, but you did have to replace the word "silly" with "kikass!!1" with all caps! I now own a Gamecube with Mario Kart: Double Dash! And I just played Super Smash Bros. Melee with 3 other friends (take that, 2 controller port Playstation!). Those who bash Nintendo are ignorant people who have never played on a (recent) Nintendo system for more than 2 minutes.
PSP is good with its extras and such (I'd want one if I could), but I'll just go for the true gamers' road, which is the DS. Simply because the PSP goes for graphics (and extras to prevent its users from getting bored) and DS chooses gameplay.
I have a bunch of friends at school with who I play a lot of games. I have the Yoshi game, another guy has Polarium, another has Meteos, another has Goldeneye and so on. And if we get bored of that, I can still pwn them at the first person shooter Metroid Prime First Hunt.

Oh, and by the way: nice flash. I almost forgot that.

Score 10 for Nintendo

Funny XD.......... Make another flash movie where a DS and PSP fight to the death!

this thing sucks

I didn't laugh at all. the psp rocks and this guy sucks at flash. bad movie bad score this sux!!!!!

evil-kefka responds:

What're you talking about? You're saying I suck at Flash when you're too much of a bitch to do it yourself? Or do you, but just suck at it way too much to get it through the judgement? Wow you're a douche.

u r right man

i agree wit u man the psp FUCKIN SUX!! so good job wit the video ^.^


Don't you talk bash the PSP. The PSP is my only friend.
PSP = good
DS = evil

evil-kefka responds:

Wow. Your ONLY friend is a PSP? So what do you do after the batteries run out in about 3-4 hours?