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Reviews for "The Crappy PSP Spoof XD"

Well that was entertaining...as for the flash..

Hey you should make the camera bit longer, that was great fun...

Anyway you spoilt it with the bit afterwards... The PSP will rule and Mario will have to go back to Italy and eat Pizza or whatever they do..


this was honestly the worst mario toon ever...besides the PSP is Sony's guarantee that Nintendo will go out of business so Mario won't be around to save the day much longer

Good animation, Bad system bashing

I liked the animation to this, it was good. But i'm tired of this system bashing, even from the reviewers who say "DS sucks" and a more recent one "Nintendo goes bankrupt in 2006", But of course it will never end

novelty = bad

don't post stuff for the subject it pertains to. Post an actual story. That was just gay.

P.S. Nintendo's going to be bankrupt by 2006, they just don't put out good games, Kinda like this flash

Listen Up!

Come on, ppl, PSP is a lot better than that of the DS. I know that the DS has wireless chat, and the little touch screen, but their games aren't all that great. With the PSP's games, the graphics are a lot smoother, the controls are a lot better, the gameplay and the audio are all very well done on the PSP games... And with the DS, the only thing good there is the wireless chat... Wireless chat, or kick ass gameplay? Go for the kickass gameplay, the only reason one would buy a DS is for chat usage, but that's for those that are very lonely and don't have any REAL friends...