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Reviews for "The Crappy PSP Spoof XD"


no not really that funny. i chuckled a lil bit when he mooned the cam but...you could of done better


as you probably saw in my name, i'm a big fan of nintendo, and al those ******** just bullying me because i got a ds, take that! i remember once i got outside my class, and when i came back my ds was COMPLETELY destroyed, they said this: " thst's what you get, taking a ds in the mighty psp's range " of course, they had to pay me a new one. but my poor nintendogs save file will never be restored. but thanks to you i've seen the light! thank you very much!

Suck it Sony!!!!!!

great movie, sony will screw up this time. ill admit, sony won that last consol war. BUT then they got cocky (psp) cough. ;) also, ive learned two interesting facts from sony, 1. apparently, the PS3 wont be a video game console, but more like a computer. Thats fuckin bullshit!!!!! 2. they are already makin a new psp. I wonder why?! :) so because of this, that means the old psp must have been SERIOUSLY flawed for a switch in only 1 and a half years. Sony is only still in this race cause they make there money off of t.v.s and cameras :D make a Wii vs PS3 flash. (no one cares about what microsoft is doing.) keep it up peace out!

i see dead pixels

ds is way more reliable than the psp ive had my psp changed 5 times everyone has dead fuking pixels out of the box i mean wtf

wii will ruleeeee

btw make one with the ps3 and the wii

and to all sony fanboys i like sony cant wait for ps3 its just the psp i hate


???????????? -_-
O yeah, smal view and short but not short enough.

PS: Psp still egsist aswell as sony!