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Reviews for "The Crappy PSP Spoof XD"

I have Mario on my PSP

I can play other game titles from other consols that aren't even on handhelds. You just made Mario look like Nintendo's Bitch. Well actually he is.....XD


PSP got pwnd by a fat guy with a hammer...thats just sad. lol


yay for ds! i got ds light wit built in mic.


psp sucks terribly! go ds. i got 2 nintendo ds and i got a nintendo wii. wii rules! it can go online and it has killer games! (legend of zelda) (i beat legend of zelda, sooooo great!) well, thx for makin this awsome flash about how much psp sucks. ds systems were sold out at stores this christmas, but not psps. why? u might ask that. there is one simple answer. psp suck! ds is better! by the way, nice funny flash =P


i loved it man that was soooo funny it was a great idea mario mooning the camra and smashing the psp i cant believe so many people are defending the psp any way i want to ask what flew off the psp i coundent see it to well

p.s. plz reply :D

evil-kefka responds:

When the PSP had just came out, there was a rumor going around that the disc at random times would pop out of the PSP. This is what flies out of the PSP in the movie.

Thanks, BTW. :)