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Reviews for "The Crappy PSP Spoof XD"

psp sucks

that's right! kill that psp. i recently used one and it does not even fit in your hand, long load times, heavy weight, shitty games with 30 minute intro's (too long). ds ftw. sony can kiss my ass also.


Psp Sucks
My Screen broke with one drop
Ds Rocks
488 Drops and still goin'!!!!

Whatever helps you sleep at night...

I had to watch that twice to actually understand it, now i wish i hadent wasted those 15 seconds of my life watching a signature.....

P.S It's a little sad how you stuck around to reply to negative reviews, if they hate it, they hate it. Get over it

evil-kefka responds:

About what you said, me sticking around to reply to the negative reviews, why wouldn't I reply back to them? I never said they couldn't hate it, I don't give a damn if you do. Whenever someone has dissed me or the movie, it's always been in a retarded way and they say stupid crap that they don't even know what they mean, just like you, because obviously you don't know what you're talking about either, 'cause you act like I try to absolutely attack people after they were so innocent when they just said they didn't like it, but no, that's not the case. They keep saying crap like "Uh, Nintendo's gonna go bankrupt by the PSP, derp de derp de derp." When they said that, Nintendo had announced that they had already sold a million units of the DS in stores, which is pretty fucking good for the period of time it was out. Now, they're doing alot more better, 13.5 million units sold in the stores(not TO the stores), where the PSP is selling only 5 million, and that's just TO the stores, they don't know how many people have actually gone to the store to buy it. Don't believe me? I can get you a valid source that says it. You try writing to me acting like your all that and try talking down at me, saying "Whatever helps you sleep at night." It's a fucking 30 second movie, I didn't make the movie in absolute spite, it was a tiny spoof. I'm sorry if your influenced by tiny little movies on the internet, but I'm not, sorry, I have a life. People can hate it all they want, if someone said "I didn't like it," and WHY they didn't like it, that'd be absolutely fine, but no, no one has ever done that. All they do is try to bash the DS, Nintendo, and me. That's why I reply to the negative reviews, because the negative reviews are just stabs at me and/or Nintendo, nothing more, and I'm not gonna just sit back and let someone do that, I'm gonna stand up for myself and Nintendo. Not even you said why you hated it, just "I waisted 15 seconds with my life watching a signiture." The point of writing the review is to say if you did or didn't like the movie and why you thought so, where all you did is complain over a stupid choice you made. You try to act all high and mighty toward me, when all you do is try to bash Flash movies for a living when you don't even do Flash yourself. You tell me to get over the fact that people don't like the movie when you can't get over the fact that Mario uses a hammer to a PSP in a crappy, 30-second movie that doesn't even make sense. Goddamn, get a life, buddy.

it was ok

The animation was good but the joke was kinda bland to me. What wrong with psp anyways?

that was funny

I love the psp and I found it funny but the ds and the psp both have there shity bits like the psp doesnt have that meany games the ds has a shitload but almost all of them suck cos they make them about fuckin anythin