Reviews for "Evil Josh & Billy: Ep. 03"


First off, I have to say I loved the "Feel the Magic" reference.

I gotta say this is one of the first series in a long... line of serieses (is that a word? Now it is!) ... that I felt I wanted to jack in to review and vote a big five on.

Amazing humor. Great concept. Original style. Very fast paced and relative sense of humor. Reminds me of "Family Guy," but your concept and jokes are beautifully original and not a blatent rip off like some submissions.

More of a homage to such great cartoons like FG, Matt Groening's work and College University.

Keep up the awesome work, I can't wait for episode four!



........that took a while to get going, but it was pretty funny after a while....not side splitting, but a good giggle...nice sounds and voices, it was all pretty good, just a few of the gags i didnt understand, but it was random and i like that......well done

Internet lingo would = "T3h b0m"

Yah, already commented on DA... but hell, I'll do it here too.
KEEP THIS GOING! Seriously, your humor is very original and SMART. Well, ... smarter than some other crap I've seen flying around the portal, if you know what I'm saying. *wink wink, nudge nudge* Okay, yeah, that wasn't directed at anything inparticular so I don't know why I just did that. *cough*

... anywhos, GREAT STUFF!


This was pretty well done and gave me a few laughs especially abraham hitler LOL, and id like to see more of your animations, but you need backround music, and i loved your ORIGINALITY which is becoming harder to find :(. Anywayz keep up the good work


Loved the idea of abraham hitler with laser eyes and mind powers XD Good one, a solid 5