Reviews for "Evil Josh & Billy: Ep. 03"

Very funny... no really.

Man I loved the first two, so you had to make this, thank you. ou made people worldwide just laugh. ((the old/bald judge is Dr. Hubert Farnsworth from Futurama. LMAO

haha nice job!

This was very good. EXTREMELY funny indeed. I really liked the part where he drops the mushroom into his pants, LOL it really really made me laugh. Some people are probabl going to complain that it didnt have a flawless story and that it was kind of random, but thats what makes it hilarious!

This is a great series! Keep making more! 5/5

LOL Funny

You guys are born to do this. I can't stress any harder how funny this movie is.

good stuff.

The sound could've been better, and I think the opening sequence/theme is pretty bad, but that aside, this is the only thing on this site that has made me smile for a long time. It's irreverent, witty, stupid and fun. I wish i could see this sort of thing on tv, cos it's way better than the piles of shit soaps and reality progs we are spoonfed all the time. More of the same please!


A Bonus Stage fan!!!! O_O

Alot of your humor in this series is much like Bonus Stage's.

The animation was great, and it was funny.

Great Job! 5/5