Reviews for "Evil Josh & Billy: Ep. 03"

That was ace man!

Hey wait Australia hasn't been destroyed! I wouldn't be alive! YOU LIAR!

I hate you and you shall die!

^_^ I love this flash

Abrahamahitler hail!


Good job!

Very interesting show. I love the references (w00t! Badgers!) and abrupt randomness. The ending really got me laughing.

(I honestly haven't watched the first two episodes; however, after seeing this, I'm going to check out the other two. XD)

Keep up the good work!

That was great!

Hitler ain't funny, but the badgers were a riot and it was well done. :)

very witty

This was very well done. I especially loved the badger song reference. HAIL LINCOLN! lol

Wow. Abraham Hitler.

I really liked it. It has an old, Hanna Barbera, "lame sixties hero cartoon" feel to it, but plugged in with...well, GOOD humor and dialogue, as opposed to the nonsensical crap that those old cartoons squatted out.

The BadgerBadger reference was unexpected, and very funny. I like your voice acting, too...really, well done.

"Heil Lincoln!"

This is one of those pieces that are good enough that my simple, layman's eyes and ears can't pick out much for improvement, so I don't have any actual criticism to offer. I feel a bit lame, but there you have it. Thanks for making this series for everyone to see, and submitting it here.

Keep up the good work, and keep creating.