Reviews for "Evil Josh & Billy: Ep. 03"


Laughing my ass off.

The graphics could be so much better... they seem like the sort of low quality you'd expect from today's half-assed cartoon network shows. (Poor kids will never know to expect more from their TV shows... Oh, how we have fallen. Will the younger generations forever be victem to lazy cartoonists?)

Ahem, anyway... But that still doesn't affect the humor. This flash had me laughing throughout its entirety, so I'm kinda obligated to score this high, huh? Seriously, this was awesome. I'm gonna go watch it again.

very well written

well done. clasic script .. smooth animation ... hope to see more from you

i love you

mr. dink.

you deserve a 10 just for that cameo.



Mr Dink wtf hahaha.

The smaller one's voice is done by a female, right?

She sounds hot.

overall 9?

great movie lincon...hitler...connection? i used to have per badgers at the circus it touched my heart....so i ripped it out..