Reviews for "Evil Josh & Billy: Ep. 03"

Funny as hell.

Once again you'vemanaged to make me laugh i always look forward to these eppy's good job.

So Funny

Can't I give this guy something higher than a 5

Great work

I love evil josh & billy, i can't wait for the next one to come out

keep up the great work

if i could

i'd go higher than 10...'cause this was too fuckin funny...
"control your mind control your mind control your mind control your mindcontrol your mind control your mind"


That was hilarious! BTW, for some who didn't get the jokes, here they are.

*The sillouettes of them with hair and clothes, with the "Rub it" is a reference to "Feel the Magic" for Nintendo DS.

*The purple guy is Mr. Dink from the TV Show Doug.

*The judges that look similar are 2 versions of Joel from Bonus Stage, I belive.

*The old judge is Hubert Farnsworth from Futurama.

*Theodore Alvin Simon is a reference to Alvin and the Chipmunks.

*The "behold" count shows how many times he says "behold".

*The badger part is obvious. And when Josh saw the Transvistite, you can hear the mushroom in his pants wear off!

*Bardyspoon is a reference to The Spoonybard.

*Kangaroo Jaque is like Kangaroo Jack.

*The weird guy who exploded was Housemaster from Arfenhousen.

*When Josh was hit with a starfish, it was a reference to the begining when Billy was talking about the Ninja-Star starfish.

Jeibi responds:

Oooo, so thurough... Amazing.

But you left out the MST3K reference! BWAHAHAHA! Failure is upon your sticky head! Cans and cans of Failure! BWAHAHAHA!