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Reviews for "Damnit"

nice job

theweebl never dies


that was really just so soulful... I loved it!


I would imagine something that would cause quite some laughter but it's a serious tune.
Now, if you added electro gypsi... XD

Thats deep.

What a lovely piece of music weebl. It even made me cry. Well that and some other things ._. Its not your usual style (Humour) but this is really nice.
Never did I once think you had THIS side of you.
Wow. Its amazing the more i listen to it.

JimJam Out.

This took my breath away from the beginning...

I'm at a complete loss of words. And after hearing the song, I look at the title and it says "Damnit", which cracks me up. This is beautiful. Sorta reminds me of the ocean.