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Reviews for "Damnit"

man this is the best

i love youre music and the guy below me has a point. Made me cry

Are you not proud of anything?

You dont mention anything at all on any of your songs about them being good, its like you think all your work is crap. But everybody here thinks the complete opposite. I bet you have so many fans around the world. You are a genious, you can make fantastic music, and awesome animations, your unbelieveable. You wont read this and you wont respond either, but anyway, keep up your fantastic work!

TheWeebl responds:

It's not my place to say it's good. Some people will like it, some won't.

YAY, more music from the Weebl!

first min or so seemed to drag out a bit but it picked up nicely.

I think some really nice low bass chords would do well, more definitive lows i guess. Kind of video-game sounding...

Great song though, Weebl's work is never bad.

Very nice song!

I really like the tune, it felt, indeed, rather sad, but that's not to say that it didn't pull it off well. The song in its entirety is pretty nice to listen to except at around 2:30 on, when it starts a rather repetitive violin riff also heard in the beginning with a lighter instrument, which seemed to just keep basic rhythm, not play a major tune.

I AGREE WITH KayDarklight

it doesn't sound so sad, because of the violin, it sounds more like some one is Thinking - Hoping

the second piano at the end sound like a video game on the "End Screen"

Great work keep the hope