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Reviews for "Damnit"


By far one of the best songs I've ever heard. I really can't say anything more, it's just this piece of music is amazing, and keeps me at a lost of words. Weebl I'm a major fan of your comedy works and things like that, but this...this is just plain fucking amazing. In my overall honest opinion you should make TONS more masterpieces like this. Newgrounds should always have a link to this song. Beautiful.


I can't say anything I'm speechless but I can say amazing

not bad

A rather nice piece...The use of old dependable tunes and the classical rhythm works to your advantage,I wouldn't say that it was a new and original piece(though undoubtedly you created it and its possibly original to you) because I've heard this done many many times before not that same tune but the rhythm and instruments....

Verbal gibes aside good work i enjoyed this piece hope to see more from you.

"The tune starts of sad but lights up"

is that all you can say about this beautiful piece of music?
You should really do more of this stuff, weebl!!!!
Don't just say one sentence about it! Express your feelings on it! This could work superbly in an animation! Think about it; a scene where the main character is looking out on the horizon, wiping away the tears while your music plays... or something like that...
Good luck with more stuff like this!



i....i..im at a loss of words i i just think this is beautiful it reminds me of............pure essince of soul is wonderful evry time i listen to it it takes me into this trance of.......paece and happynes
i love it i love it