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Reviews for "Damnit"


well its just amazing, its the type of music that gets through to your mind and emotions

Very Well Done

It's an interesting deviation from some of your other works. At some points it goes from ambient to miscellaneous and, and back and forth again, but manages to keep with the theme... whatever that theme may be.

I can't identify any of the instruments you're using, not being a digital music artist, but I can say that you use them to great effect. The only thing I can point out as to give this a negative side are the repetitive high notes predominant in the last 40 seconds of the song. They grate just a bit.

I don't know about everyone else, but I found that the tune started out cheerful and instead finished in a more melancholic atmosphere, which isn't very common in music.

Overall, I liked it quite a bit, and would definitely listen to any more of your music, whichever the genre, should it be released onto Newgrounds.



you truely are a very talented man, you have a style in animation that no one can take from you, and after hearing this you can make amazing music. i litterly got a tear in my eye at the 2 min mark and thats almost imposable to do in music.

on a side note i just wanna say you truely are an internet sensation, your flash is hugely populare. maybe a few hates here and there but thats there own opinion. your music is fantastic as stated above, and i have visited your site and some of the animations you put there and not here are sooo much better / funnyer. keep on doing what you do best, and dont be shy on trying stuff new for you might be good at that as well. huge congrates on the song and looking forword to more funny flash loops / shorts

I must agree with...

...Blue Fusion, and Steven Polley.

I knew you were a famous flash artist, but I had no idea you made music. And this song is the first Ive heard of yours. As Steven Polley said, you can make two hit animations in a week, as most other authors would only get hit animations on the front page maybe once a month, maybe once a year. I would say you inspire people, because of what youve accomplished. Music and animation, an odd combination, but a great one.

Great work. And I mean that for all of your hit animations and songs.

Keep it up.
5/5 10/10

I do agree with Blue Fusion.

When I first heard your music there was no way that it made sense to me. How can someone be so amazing at flash animations, yet be so amazing at music at the same time. I would have to say that you're more famous as a music artist than a flash artist, even though you often incorporate them together, such as narwhals.

You are seriously god, I can't even put it in words, you really are unbelievable, and will honestly forever be my hero. It's crazy. You make everything seem so effortless. You submit two award winning animations in one week, while managing to finish up another song. Your website was named one of the most influencial websites on the net, along with youtube, google, and Newgrounds.

I guess this really isn't the place to tell you how much I love you, but still, this song just made me feel like saying it. Sorry, for not leaving any criticism, but I'm far too amazed to say anything negative.