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Reviews for "Damnit"


This guy should write music for the next final fantasy game. OR any video game for that matter


Sounds really good! I like it =D!

i enjoyed this :)

The intro really set the mood here, and i really like how it was put together, and the transitions sound very professional, i've heard your other submissions, and they are all so god damn nice to hear. i'm a fan of your music.
Melody - 2/2 (perfect, makes me think of alot of things in my life.)
Bassline - 2/2 (very diverse, creative)
Beat/Variety - 2/2 (lots of variety, and the beat fits this style well.)
Mixing - 2/2 (it flows so nicely, as if telling a story!)
Emotion/Feel/Sound - 2/2 (this was so deep, it gave me goosebumps)
Final Score - 10/10
Final Notes:
This nearly put tears in my eyes. something that happens on a rare occasion, and im glad to have been apart of the emotion, its a really good song. it tells such a great story without words. that's what music is about. Great Job my friend. You are amazing.

~DJ Opaix


This makes me think of a little guy who couldn't get on a baseball team because he wasn't capable of running fast enough. Then he tried and tried and he eventually made it onto the team. Then, he became the best player and won the championship!


awsomly deep