Reviews for "Backyard Boom"


this had a very different feel to it comparing it to your other songs. That's probably because of the vocals you added. Not entirely a bad thing, just feels different. Is this a final project? i would love to see this in an extended version.

as someone else said it really reminds me of pendulum. =-p love it!

NemesisTheory responds:

yes the vocals definitely give it another vibe :3 the focus of the song was definitely more on the vocals than the backing, but add both and you get something really cool :)... vocals just give me an excuse to be a little more lazy I guess XD!~!!

Pendulum rocks!! So I'm honored by the comparison, even if we tried to get that result anyway XD


Epic, As always

One of your greatest songs, imo. Has the same "hyped" feeling as "Dont Give A Damn" yet is different in a lot of ways. Keep up the good work!


-PS: You and Paragon should make a collab. That would be jiz in your pants epicness.

NemesisTheory responds:

really? that's awesome :D maybe I should do some more stuff like this haha :)

About the PS... that would be cool, wouldn't it? haha XD
who knows... ;)


Ive been on Newgrounds for 3-4 years now and your music made me make an account and favorite all your music.
Your music is like raping my ears,especially the "Rose" series.

Kan niet wachten op je volgende nummer. =D
^Dutch for , Can't wait for your next song. =D

NemesisTheory responds:

Cool!! I'm honored haha :P
Thanks! i'm glad you like the rose musics, btw! I really like doing that RPG style a lot :)

nogmaals bedankt :)
(thanks again)

Definatly Pendulum

Has that "Hold Your Colour" Ambi Feel, like the break and vocals, nice.

NemesisTheory responds:

Thanks! It is a lot like Hold Your Colour, especially one part in particular. :P

Glad you liked it and found it like pendulum! Means it worked. XD

Great Effects

hi, s'been a while since I came by 'cos my computer's sound drive broke down, the lack of music for like 3 weeks nearly drove me insane! I'm not kidding

I think it's pretty good, the flow's simple but the sound and the beat's done really well this time 'round with that techno-dynamic sorda thing
in particular, the spead and heavy beat of the overall track really creates that wicked fast-paced atmosphere

now the vical style is something new again, but combined with the edited effects, it fits perfectly into the whole song

it's short, true, but it does have a lot to it, so a good 9 should help it
out of all your "experimental" tracks, this one's the most improved and refined, awesome work NT

Hail music! Sinister's back in action!
-Sinister Aura-

NemesisTheory responds:


Thanks, I wish it could've been longer but we all ran out of inspiration really, I suppose it was more of a short test, but then again there are shorter songs out there... just put it on loop or something XD, not much more i think we could've pulled out of it.

i'm glad you liked it and glad to see you back on ng! :3