Reviews for "Backyard Boom"

Oh my.

This is really spiffy.

Love it.


thats well sick.

love this its soo good. kindalike rock the house. like the voice its well good and ame with the lyrics.

drums are good and like pendulum like u said was inspired.
love the effects n stuff as always and the bass line is great too.

totally goin on my ipod with the rest of the nemesis theory songs


Strangely sounds like a game theme.

Also reminds me of ColourPod 2's music, only faster and action packed. The rhythm is very catchy and easily taken in. A good background music for those "chase scenes". Overall well made

The usual Rev ;)

Well there we go!
Warm deep sounds (as usual, and you KNOW I love that quality ;) ).
Especially at the start of the track, very nice start with low and high, immidiatly
makes me curious what will be next.

Starting of with a soft but steady kick to open up with D&B. Nice. From there it gets a bit
into Kosheen style (Phantasmagoria) which is absolutely a +point.
The beat and bass go nicely togheter while the vocal just flows over it, in perfect harmony.
My ONLY con is that I HATE Vocoders but that is a very personal thing, in general it fits
perfectly within the track.
It defenetly got a vibe, got a nice ongoing beat which does not take the overhand at anytime, but
is there just nice and smootly.
It reminds me of Red Dragon, but in a total different package, like you erased all the lines and left
the tones there to start over again with a fresh idea ;).

From a commercial perspective I think Paragon said enough :)

See ya around!

I like it

But there is a hard bassline missing, or it is too slient