Reviews for "Backyard Boom"

Uh huh...

That was pretty bad, I bet pendulum or BT couldn't make a song as bad as this. This song blew me away the first time I heard it and it still does. I definitely enjoy this song and I might even say this is one of your best. Keep it up.


This is win. Simple but awesome vocals, nice drumline, very well built.

Another excellent one from the goddess of the Audio Portal *bows*

Kick ASS!!!!

Amazing vocals keep making more, I want to hear them!!!


This was absolutely amazing! God... My adoration for you grows wider now!

its different from what your normal style in techno is but its absolutely amazing none the less Fishtales is proud!


Simply amazed

commend your friend for his vox, because they sounded great, though they are heavily effected.. of course, im not gonna slag this song for it, because obviously that was the desired sound, and it fits! I'd enjoy maybe hearing a version where there are no effects on the vox.. that'd be sweet to listen to methinks.

the music is tastefully repetitive, and is immaculately engineered. Production value is spectacular. good job!

ps- it would be a big thing to me if you'd care to review any song of mine! thank you