Reviews for "Backyard Boom"

Nice. Thank you.

This is great. I rarely see good DnB on NG anymore, and even though this is a commercial-esque song, it's still very good. The bassline is quite catchy, and the synths you've got going on in the background add some space and feeling to the song. I love it, I might actually download this, and I NEVER download NG music anymore.

Btw, I recognize that break... good use of it.

10/10 (finally I get to give a 10!)
What the heck, I'll give you the DL too :D


i feel Club music Respect!

Holy shit

The lyrics in this song are fucking awesome, good job!

Thanks for reading,

Digital Pulse

Agreed. One Word.

Respect. But i'll say it again cause it's awesome.

One word.