Reviews for "Backyard Boom"

awsome hope to see more in the future

Awesome job, The fact that there is a lyrical portions in this is amazing. There are few, if any, DnB songs that pull this off like this one did.

great song but much too repetitive!

I like this song and i dont deny that but it is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too repetitive!

every few seconds you hear "we gotta party in the back-yard boom" and it gets really really annoying

Saweet Man

Man this is a gr8 song I really hope you make some more songs like ths!!! 5/5 10/10 100%!!

awesome, but with one thing wrong.

This piece of music is wonderful, but I feel that the background music is slightly too much dominance over the vocals. If the vocals were just a touch louder, I think it would be perfect.