Reviews for "Orbox"

Very good and challenging

This is a very good puzzle game although its very difficult.
I read that some people had problems with level 20. I beat it by pressing 0 untill the blocks arranged themselves so I could clear the level. But the levels after 20 is just too much, I didnt get past level 24, too hard.

GameBalance responds:

Thanks! You allmost done it!

great game

that was fun as hellhard as hell too....oh well, i'll try it again when i'm not tired, keep it up!

GameBalance responds:

Thanks! Hope you will make it.


This game is my favorite in mind-teasers

I recon this game only as it played by astronauts in the source
So this is a great remake with the "portals" and all

Great Job!

GameBalance responds:



dont be sad because i didnt give you a ten, BUCK UP :) the only reason i didnt give u a ten is so i could right this statment but more about the game...its awesome enough said

bugged out

I found a bug on lvl 13, otherwise great game

GameBalance responds:

and what the bug about?