Reviews for "Captain Awesome 2"


i havent laughed that much for a while. f@#king loved it. pity about that bloody song...


greatness make much more one prob though dont beep out the swearing it gets anoyying and we know wuts its saying anyways that was hilarous IM GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN AND WIFE hey if he did hed kill his sister eh


liked this one better than the first.
Seemed like a piece out of Seth mcfarlane's cartoons.


Pretty good use of the "hey I'm gonna build up to a giant ass beating scene and pull it out from under their feet with an akward moment, hee-hee!" kinda humor. I enjoyed it.

Funny as shit

original crank call style too i usuall say names like Hugh Janus or Phil Myass but Mike Hunt? thats original!