Reviews for "Captain Awesome 2"

I liked it

I'd say go with the idea of a series...but don't make it a weekly thing, People are bound to get sick of it that way. I'd try going with a monthly series, personally.

Aside from that, the style was nice and the sound quality was excellent. My only gripe was that there were too many awkward silence/ "umm... yeah" jokes in it. You might want to think of something to fill in that dead air.

Otherwise, keep at it.

Funny Shit!

I liked it. The graphics weren't amazing, kind of sloppy really, but the movie made me laugh, so bonus points for that.

The excessive swearing i thought was going to be a bit much, but the blinking out just added to the humour. I really laughed when he said, 'How many times do i have to tell you, im not your arch enemy, i am your brother-in-law.' lol! The prank call was kind of stupid though.

It was not all that smooth, but decent transitioned.

The batman audio made me laugh. The the intro./concl. song was perfect for the movie i must say.

I hope to see the next one and i hope it is both longer and written better. There was potential there to be much funnier, but it was only kind of funny and had its moments, where as i would have liked it if i was laughing all the way through. I guess it just started off slow really.

It was pretty original and you have talents for sure. All in all, it was good, but could have been better. Good luck to you and great job!

Your breakdown:

NG Critic Rating
Introduction: 7.5
Impression: 7.5
Style(Graphics): 7.9
Movement: 8.2
Audio: 8.2
Humor: 8.8
Originality: 8.2
Focus: 8.2
Personal Enjoyment: 8.5

Overall: 8.1
Rating: 4

K. Myst Williams

Oh please!

If you can keep the quailty and jokes steady like this it would be an awsome weekly series!

Good job Dez!

Great job dez...im glad to have you on the team! Id have to say the last one made me laugh a lot harder...but this was great!

Mike hunt...

I think this movie rocks!!! It´s soooo senceless, I like it!!!!!