Reviews for "Captain Awesome 2"

Captain Awesome is...

fucking Awesome!!! the theme to it is great America Fuck ya!! oh man good times.


it would be nice to see a new one every week but if you hurry it may come out crappy. i dunno how long you made this but if you made this in a week make it into a series! great job!


Commical, liked the team america song at the starting, 5 fer u(Y)


Hell ya! That was fuckin' funny!
Make more of these movies!!!!

Again very very good.

You seriously have done the name of Captain Awesome proud, but considering you have kinda taken away an idea of movies i was going to make, if you need any help with anything with the series just send me an email or whatever and ill i dunno, maybe co author some stuff?

-The real Captain Awesome

DropTrou responds:

Haha i'm sorry about taking you movie ideas. You shouldnt let me stop you from making them tho... anyway, we could surely collaborate some time, mabye u could do some voices or art?