Reviews for "Captain Awesome 2"

wasnt too bad

i like burnt face man better tho, this jus seemed like a rip off of burnt face man, even if wasnt meant to be, i jus get the strange feeling that compels me to compare this flash to burnt face man, this was a little too slow tho for my taste, the graphics were pretty well done tho, good job

Hated it.

You're just spoofing off of the Simpsons. And it wasn't even funny anyways. Also, you got this whole idea of this show (if you could even CALL it a show) from David Firth's "Burnt Face Man". Why don't you just try and make up your OWN ideas instead of taking other people's. This doesn't deserve a 3.74 'cause there are other people out there who have their own ideas and/or are capable into making great flashes with their OWN IDEAS (notice how I'm using the words "their own ideas"???). Ugh, this is a waste of space on Newgrounds. -1 billion/5 (yeah, I hate it that much)

DropTrou responds:

I dont understand how i'm spoofing the Simpsons (Duffman perhaps??), but I do see how it looks like Burnt Face Man. And mabye the general look is like it, but the two cartoons are nothing alike. And when you boil it down, NOTHING is original. So why dont you cool your jets, make a decent flash, and quit being a stupid cunt (yeah, i hate you that much). Bitch.

It made me grin

Well, I could see you put alot of effort into drawing the characters, which looked nice, but there were some little things with the arms and hands that looked sort of chopped. The backrounds were ok, but left me wanting a bit more. Overall, the sound quality was excellent, and I was loving te team america theme, but a bit dissapointed when it ended. For the next one, you should make an entire intro to the song, and make it look like a real TV show using the team america theme. That would be so cool. The whole "Mike Hunt" thing was pretty funny, but the ending with the pregnancy wasnt that funny. Overall, pretty good. 4/5.


well it wasn't funny or entertaing. using team america music was good tho. apart from that it was pretty weak all over "hence" name.
Too improve: use orginal jokes(unlike fridge light, fone name thing and superhero rubbishness), improve with better sound if possible. i think this whole random bad super hero thing has been done too much b4

DropTrou responds:

And you think it deserves a 1? your a jerk, and to add to that, you obviously have never done a flash before.


awesome movie, i liekd it a lot.Great job.make more episodes. AMERICA FUCK YEA!!!