Reviews for "Captain Awesome 2"

hahahaha, awesome...

i loved it.
what a great concept dude! i can't remember whether or not i've seen the first episode of Cpt Awesome... but hell i should go watch it again anyways!! hahah. the graphics were great, and although there wasnt a lot in the way of backgrounds, the characters were really detailed, i thought.
the animation was also sweet. i enjoyed the laser beem bit at the start, and the movements of the characters were realistic enough for this sort of cartoon.
also, the voice acting was great. the dialogue was damn funny, the quality of the audio was great, and even though you censored the swear words, it was damn funny stuff. nice work!

Rock on Capatain Awesome!

Ha Ha, I loved the first one DropTrou, and that was definitely a worthy sequel. These animations have a great sense of style to them, and the often dry humor really cracks me up. The intro song just makes me want to get up and bob my head in tribute, and overall, I think the Flash works very well. Good work, and hopefully there is more Captain Awesome on the way.

Hell yeah...

....Make it a weekly thing. That shit was funny!! The sound was great, the animation was above average(I personally liked it, but you know there's some picky shits out there). No lag, the voices matched up with talking. Excellent job!!! I hope you decide to make more. Keep it up!!!

I loved it

I love movies like this, great graphics and sense of humor, keep up the good work.


I'm looking forward to the next one.