Reviews for "Mecha-King Menorah"


nope it wasnt final fantasy 8 it was final fantasy 7, sephoroths theme . i havnet evin beat any ff games. the farthest i ever got on one was ff9 i got halfway through the second disk. i love ff9.

lol. that was great

the action was awsome and pretty funny as well, the music was great but im not quite sure what song it is from (i think final fantasy 8...)? ah well good job that was awsome and you should make a series on this if you havent yet


I really liked the movie for 2 reasons

The Sephiroth Song ( sephiroth is my favorite hero)
The whole movie looks like Evangelion add knowing you thats what you probably wanted to potraie

goood job

It is nice

It could be a lot better if the the "HANUKIA" (the jewish robot) won. It isn't logical' the jewish was about to win' he even shot at the tree a beam or something.
Well never mind

Go Israel

((( HAHA )))

That was funny as hell, made me chuckle, i love the part when the thingie is coming down haha, and good different view shots to make it like a real movie haha, anyways nice work, keep it up...