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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"

Amazing and more

Excellent Excellent Excellent! Love this series and I can't stop watching them....Waiting in agony for the last one to come out....anyways, keep up the incredible work

HA HA HA HA HA!!!! That was so funny!

Dude! that was awsome on all three I'm am totally looking forward to the third installment! Please make it soon! I would love to see it! Well I know you won't see this but, my Email is ordinaryfrog12@yahoo .com bye!

these are perfect

the mixed in balamb series are the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Better then the first

This story continues to get better and better. Having it take place in Castlevania (another one of my fav. series) makes it even better. Auron's attepmts to score, the cyclops, and the riddle of Gilgamesh are all great. And finally, we learn the reason phoenix downs don't work on Sephiroth's victums. Lol.

youve done it again

another great installment.the scene with sephiroth killin waka as he did aerith was quite pleasing.i was expecting to see his blitz ball fall down the steps as aeriths matteria did but wasnt dissapointing.
i also loved allucard steping in with seph,tho allucard seemed a bit too...goody goody i think.the constant visitors is great too..my fave was seeing tonberry slice up his sausage,as well as chrono appearing outta nowhere in the first.
kind of odd that u have auron as the womenizer but i spose even dead guys need to get layed.finnaly gilgamesh's appearance as the bridge guard was ceartainly nostolgic.takes me back to ff5 days.
you seem to just keep making them better and better as you go along,so keep up the goodwork.i and im sure many others,will be anticipating whats to come next.
also,hows bout a royal rumble with vincent sephiroth and allucard?that'd be so cool !!