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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"


Dude you have to tell me where i can get that sephiroth song!

I really don't want to miss it

U know, This could have been much better if there were'n't any vulgarities in it. Spoils everything really....


holy shit that was way funnier than number 1 and the old episode.sephiroth is cool , quistis is annoying, im glad ##### was killed off, baraka was funny as hell, auran kicks total ass, tifas line was great, selphies voice is annoying, rinoa dont talk much. cloud squall and vincent kick total ass. wtf was with the "cloud" joke, that was pretty weak. vincent finished that..... bridge guardian is funny and cool, I WANT MORE OF CYCLOPS, THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING I SEEN IN MY WHOLE DAMN LIFE, I LOVE HIS VOICE HE KICKS TOTAL ASS. i noticed u used a riddle in the hobbit. secret scene was funny as shit, mustve watched it ten times. FUCKING GREAT JOB!!!!!!


This was good. Funny and everything. I enjoyed it. Even better then the last FF parody I reviewed.

haha^^...but sad for wakka...

nice sequal for the first one^^ and the animation got kinda better...nothing much too talk about...ill be expecting the third one^^

keep up the good work^^