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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"

uhhh, no...this sucks

I didn't like the first one, its simply not funny. I will say the artwork itself isn't bad, but regarding animation...its terrible, not enough frame by frame. And Cloud is way cooler than Squall, so why did you make him sound like a douche. Anyways, i think you need to focus on the voice acting, animation, and definetely the scripting.


im not writin about the movie im writin about how long its takin u to make a dam movie!my friend has made 26 movies all roundabout 4mins each and his bin doin flash for 1and1/2 monthes so buck up your act or ppl will just lose interest ok!so hurry up!!!!


i saw 1/3 it took me 3 hrs to see it 2/3 is taking alot lot longer so please if u can tell me why or at least make the file size smaller