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Reviews for "FF: Mixed in Balamb2(2/3)"


hurry up with the 3rd 1! i love this series! hahaha some parts are so dam funny!

god yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

all tens just too lazy to scoll dow 10 times

funny as hell

Man tht flash rocked lol i was laughin so hard all the way through it man u rock keep up the gd work lol cant w8 till the next 1 is made plz hurry plz plz plz

OMG you made it so fast!

Wow so fast I loved the other 2 and I can't wait for 2 3/3! Auron, Vincent, and Sephiroth are awsome! Funny as hell and the riddle you got from the Hobbit! =) Poor Vincent and Wakka! Oh well good luck on 2 3/3!

Right on!

Good job man keep on whe whant more don't make us crave till whe stalk you down, more and faster more and faster.....sorry :P keep making em tho!