Reviews for "Necromancy (drum n' bass)"


I really enjoyed this! The mid--part sounds like DoomsDay from Sonic & Knuckles. Sounds really UFO-ish etc. Good work!

I liked it. Like, a lot.

Now generally when I come to listen to a song, I'm not really expecting the sheer amount of diversity this particular song delivered. The only other song within recent memory I can remember that I've listened to as much as this, would be the song outrun by a fellow musician named Waterflame. What I really, really, REALLY like about this song is its sheer amount of intensity. I mean really, what better type of music to get you in the mood for shoving machete's up some poor undead guys ass? Splitting his skull with a torch?

Sure maybe I have those backwards, but each sounds supremely epic no? Which is exactly what this song is. Epic my good sir. Thanks for the ear-candy. It's a 10 star 5 vote for sure.

Did I also mention this song is totally worth a download? If not I just did!


zirconmusic responds:

Thanks man! Really appreciate it :)

You can find this song in the upcoming arcade game Pump It Up Pro 2, btw!

Awww yeah.

Zircon is the man, go pick up "Antigravity" or others if you already haven't, sick breaks. I'm getting some pendulum from this, it's so kickass, it instantly made me buy the new album . =D

So dark and awesome ftw.

In agreement with LL4M4r0x1

The fact that the tune changes instead of repeats makes this a great piece. I get the feel of dead marches and other necrotic things. Fantastic work!


i like it that the tune changes sometimes instead of repeating over and over and over... you get the picture. the beat and is really catchy and fast paced!

5/5 10/10 downloaded