Reviews for "Necromancy (drum n' bass)"

Massive is right.

I.. wuh.. good lord man, this track is enormous!

I am ridiculously picky with DnB.. I want to love the genre but find too many tracks with good beats but are too repetitive and lacking in strong, heavy lead synth work and progression for my taste.

This here simply blows me away. It nails absolutely everything I want to hear, and I'm left with no choice but to check out your new CD. :)

yep. definitely pendulum

I definitely hear pendulum in this. Its a great song. good work

Best was the start

It was really cool in the beginning, and it didn't seem to match that beginning. It was still a very interesting song to listen to, and I think it sets the tone of zombies quite well. It's very fast-paced, but can also have a triumphant feeling to it. There seem to be a lot of different styles and different levels of triumphant-ness being used, which I liked. I can tell a lot of effort was put into this, and I'm impressed you have an album! It fits the idea of zombies coming the more you listen to it.


Not even joking - this is one of the coolest songs I've ever heard. Bar nothing.

Honestly, I'm in awe of this stuff. My jaw literally dropped during portions of this.

If only this were made for Castle Crashers...

I really would like this for CC. It has the right for either (of course) the Necromancer battle, or the marsh. Oh well. Either way, love it!