Reviews for "Necromancy (drum n' bass)"


This is one of my favorite pieces, the whole style is great.

Anyone who doesn't see zombies while listening to this doesn't know what zombies are.

Great starting

ok so this was an interesting one and i guess it has that {ZOMBIE} theme going and i can hear that right away, the starting was awsome and had a great impact but throught the rest you didnt bring that power like you did when it started, maybe thats an improvment change you could bring into it at a later time, now there was alot to hear and alot of differant changes and such but i think you should stick with how it started and really roll with it, its an awsome piece just with it had that power edge like in the start. but still anyways i found this to be one hell of a pice.

the starting was the best part, if you could stretch the rest out like the starting maybe it would have more of an impact as the rest seemed to dwell down from the opening start.


Loving it. I actually went to the link provided and tried to buy it via that site, but it doesn't work any more. You might want to put it for sale somewhere else, man.

A ten only for Soldat :D

I guessed it right?:D Anyways nice rework! :D


i'm feeling this man keep it up